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I have around 11 years of technical experience. Currently I am working as a Technical Consultant in a MNC. Prior to that I was working as a Sr Devops + AWS Engineer.

Working experience on AWS, creating highly available cloud infrastructure, scalable and fault tolerant architectural solutions and migrate traditional infrastructure to AWS solutions

I have expertise in many technologies/tools/OS which includes Linux/Windows,devops,cloud infrastructure,Middleware and CMS(AEM/WORDPRESS.)

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About $112 million (Rs. 840 crore) project signed between World bank and Himachal govt for transport and Road safety $82 million (Rs.615 crore) would be share of World Bank. $30 million (Rs. 225 crore) would be of State Government. Tranche-I3 componentsTranche-IITranche-III To complete Tranche-I within a period of 6 years 1) First component of the … Continue reading HP GK GIRIRAJ – 16SEPT2020


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